A Message from the Commission about the Tibor Installations

The UA Cultural Arts Commission has been both surprised and dismayed at the persistent opposition of a few vocal residents to the installation of seven donated sculptures by Alfred Tibor at Parkway Park.   While the Commission stands behind the original recommendation, our overarching goal is to integrate the arts into our community.   Therefore, we have moved forward to identify a worthy alternative.  On Wednesday, January 7th, the Commission passed the following motion:

 (The motion is made)  that we continue forward with the Tibor project but develop a superior experience with the work in partnership with the Upper Arlington Public Library by putting 3 bronze sculptures at Miller Park library and roundabout, and  keeping the remaining 4 available for exhibit in another venue,  perhaps Northam Park.

The motion passed unanimously.   This change in venue affords us collaboration with a welcoming partner who fully embraces the opportunity these sculptures represent for our community, and provides a future possibility of locating the remaining sculptures in the vicinity of the Main Library at Northam Park.   We would propose that this initial installation take place as soon as practical this spring, so that dedication of the work can occur with Mr. Tibor in attendance.

The Cultural Arts Commission did not come to this decision easily.  We chose an alternative to mitigate the potential antipathy toward the installation that could in turn lead to hesitance to embrace art in public places in some of the larger projects to come in the next several years


UA Cultural Arts Commission



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