Meet Nadine Block

I’ve traveled to more than 60 countries.  I’ve brought home interesting handicraft items like carved dolls and masks from Mali, old porcelain from China,  and perfume bottles from the Czech Republic.  In order to share my love for travel and entice my grandchildren to view my travel photos, I began writing and illustrating story books for them using my photos.  DSCF0543When the children were little, I wrote simple stories like “Casey the Cat in Kathmandu.”  As they are growing older,  I write stories that incorporate history and geography like a story I wrote about a visit to the Pueblo Indians, “James and the Lizard.”  When I retired in 2010, I decided to get training in drawing and painting.   I began taking classes at the Cultural Arts Center and from local artists.  I  use charcoal, acrylics and pastels to paint a variety of subjects including portraits, human figures, landscapes and non-representative art emphasizing color and light.  I am married to an attorney, William Brown and have three grown sons, two stepsons, and ten grandchildren. I founded and administered a non-profit organization focusing on child welfare and I have published two non-fiction books since 2010. NBlock_headshot1 My husband and I moved to Upper Arlington in 2010 and enjoy living in a condo across from Kingsdale.  The location provides us a great walkable neighborhood.


Visit Nadine’s website to see her work and keep up to date on her work.

What is your favorite color and why?                                                                                                  Red.  I love vibrant colors and am usually happiest with work I have done that is bold and colorful.

What do you do to relax?                                                                                                                          I paint to relax.  I find that drawing and painting are very intense activities but I always feel relaxed and completely renewed when I finish a painting or drawing session.

What is your favorite book?                                                                                                                     I read a lot and have a new favorite book every month or so.  My recent favorite book is Norwegian by Night by Derek B. Miller.

What is number one on your bucket list?                                                                                              I want to continue to improve my artistic skills and to have an exhibit of my paintings.

If you could meet anyone from any time period, who would it be and why?                      Jean-Jacques Rousseau.  Rousseau was an intellectual who lived and wrote during the 18th Century Enlightenment. His ideas influenced the French Revolution. How exciting it would be to talk to him about that time and his ideas, particularly his ideas about education! I have been a teacher and a school psychologist.  As my later work was in child abuse prevention, I am interested in how society has treated children over time. Rousseau supported a benevolent attitude toward children and encouraged adults to look at education from their viewpoint.  I guess meeting him means I’d have to learn to speak French.


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