Celebrating UA

This month, the Concourse Gallery is hosting artists that live and create right in our own 1artist combined imagecommunity.  Celebrating UA showcases various formats including ceramics, painting and photography.  The show runs July 1- August 19, with a reception for the artists and community on July 14 from 5-7  pm.  Stop in and meet some local artists and find out more about their work.

We asked participants to answer a few questions to help you get to know them better.  See some of their answers below:

  • What inspires you?
  • Describe your perfect day.
  • What was your most recent art experience?

Linda Langhorst

What inspires you? People doing things together. Dancing, making music, working.
Nature: the woods, the weeds, the water. I like to paint images that tell some kind of
story of relationship. People to people, people to music, people to place.

Describe your perfect day. I don’t have ONE perfect day. Hard work where something
productive gets done followed by some time to relax, sing, eat and celebrate with
people we love.  Or a day on the water, or in the woods and then a fresh cooked meal
and a good book. One whole day to clean my house while listening to the BLUES
turned up kind of loud. I could probably imagine 100 different perfect days. . .

What was your most recent art experience? We went to the Columbus Arts Festival to
photograph the festivities. Art, Music. People having fun.

Susie Jordan

What inspires you? My task is to start creating through application, technique, and
process; eventually getting out of the way for the real artist to show up. Inspiration
comes through me, not from me and I am grateful for its presence.

Describe your perfect day: The perfect day is waking up happy and staying in it
regardless of what else is going on.

What is your most recent art experience? Life is art which we experience in every
moment. It is a matter of choosing what color pallet to view from.

Vivian Ripley

What inspires you? I am always inspired by being outdoors and experiencing beautiful
scenery enveloping me. Trying new ideas and seeing other artists’ beautiful work also
excites me.

Describe your perfect day My perfect day would be free of the routine responsibilities
and provide time to plan and paint my next work- outdoors or in the studio.

What was your most recent art experience? I just returned from delivering three works
(one each watercolor, acrylic, and pastel) to the La Cloche Art Show in Whitefish Falls,
Ontario. I have been in the show every year since 1982. It is held in a beautiful area in
northern Ontario- a perfect spot for outdoor activity. It runs from July 2 to July 10, 2016.

Nadine Block

What Inspires Me: Sources for my inspiration in painting have been my travels. I have
many photos from the more than sixty countries I have visited. Painting scenes from
travel helps me relive the excitement and the awe I felt when I first I came upon them. I
use acrylics and oils. I often use warm colors and choose moderately large canvasses.
I have always had art in my life. I read about it, collected it, and made at least a dozen
little books for my grandchildren using my travel photos, my cartooning and my poetry. I
haven’t had formal art training. I didn’t start painting until I retired so I feel an urgency
to speed up my learning about and production of art. I have taken 6-9 studio hours
weekly since 2013 in classes with local artists and at the Columbus Cultural Arts
Center. I am inspired by the idea of a new phase in my life, spending my retirement
years learning about and creating art.

My Perfect Day: A perfect day for me involves learning, physical activity and good food.
My brain food comes from reading newspapers, books, and literary and commentary
magazines. Art is both brain food and physical activity and is always part of my perfect
day. I like waking up and remembering something from my sleep which helps me solve
a problem in a painting I am working on. I especially love my human figure painting
class which involves me intensely as I try to capture the form and spirit of the model.
But when the class ends, I am completely relaxed. I always have physical activity in my
day, walking a few miles or taking part in a workout class. Ending my perfect day is a
glass of wine and a lovely dinner prepared by my husband who is an excellent chef.

My most recent Art Experience: How lucky we are to live in this wonderful city with the
marvelous Columbus Museum of Art! I visited the Pablo Picasso exhibit, Picasso: The
Great War, Experimentation and Change on July 23rd. The 50 cubist and classical art
works on exhibition explore how his painting was impacted by the First World War. My
favorite painting is “Woman in White” painted in 1923. The three quarter body portrait
shows a strong, majestic woman dressed in a classical white sleeveless garment posed
against a rich burnt umber background and outlined in a dark frame. It is a
neoclassical painting, elegant in its simplicity.

Suzanne Cruickshank

My making of art quilts allows me to use my life-long sewing experiences and talents in
ever more artistic ways, and then to offer them to the public in displays such as this UA
Celebration. I am inspired by nature, buildings, color, movement, and colorful geometric
patterns and shapes. I love deep and vivid color and use those colors most often in my
quilt pieces.

Recently, I participated in a workshop presented by the Quilt Surface Design
Symposium which studied the work of the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser who
used vivid color and detested straight lines saying "something cowardly drawn with a
rule, without thought or feeling". I find studying former artists and their philosophies
most inspiring in ultimately leading me to find a composite style for myself.
Cooper McGinty Age 8

I am inspired by the finished piece. I always want to make the most creative piece I

My perfect day would be to have my friends come over and we have tons of fun.

My most recent art experience was taking my mom’s UA Ceative art class. My favorite
part was when I did the Mixed Media piece that we put watercolors on then we
silk screened a design on top.

Parker McGinty Age 11

What inspires you? Everytime I start an art piece I want to create something that would
be as good as my mom’s.

On my perfect day I would play in a double header baseball game, then play hockey,
then go to the MLB all-star game, the go to the 7th game of the Stanley Cup Finals.

What was your most recent art experience? Going to my mom’s UA Creative art camp
and making fused glass art.

Alicia McGinty Art Teacher

Artistic Mediums are what inspire me most. I love trying new types of mediums and
seeing what I can create with them, how far they can be pushed, and what they can say

My perfect day would be creating art using a new medium with my art students and my
own kids.

Not including my teaching, my most recent personal art experience was when I took an
encaustic workshop for a week last summer. I was hooked right away! Encaustic wax
is a spontaneous medium where hot wax is applied to wood panels. The possibilities
are endless—encaustic paintings can be abstract or realistic, subtle or bold.

Elena Osterwalder

What inspires me? I love the outdoors. In 1970  when I arrived in UA  , the Scioto River
became the perfect place to sketch outdoors. It was close to home and it provided a full
range of colors in each of the four seasons,  colors which were new to me coming from
the tropics.

What is my perfect day. A Perfect day starts with breakfast , the newspaper and a cup
of coffee. It is followed by long hours in my studio with no interruptions.

What was your most recent art experience? Installing Red Floor, this past May. The
installation is an experimental piece that consists of a total of 234 rectangles of Amate
paper dyed red, and mylar surgical sheets all around the walls.  The experiment is very
succesful since the reflections from the paper fill the entire room.

Matthew A. Donahue

What inspires me in relation to my work in the arts is popular culture.  Popular culture is
defined as “anything and everything in our daily lives”.  I often use artifacts and objects
related to popular culture as the basis of my creative work in visual arts, music film and
the written word.

Describe your perfect day My perfect day consists of going to art museums, listening to
music, watching films and discussing the arts and society’s events with fellow artists to
gain inspiration for my creative work……having a little bit of sunshine doesn’t hurt

What was your most recent art experience? My most recent art experiences has
consisted of visiting museums in Holland…..working on original music/an album with
music producers Skip McDonald and Adrian Sherwood in England and creating and
exhibiting art work for a fundraiser for the Bowling Green State University sponsored
Toledo School for the Arts.

Kate Morris

What inspires you? I am inspired by the colors found in nature, and how natural
materials can be used to create colors on fabric.

Describe your perfect day – My perfect day would start with brunch and include lots of
time to create and a time at the beach.

What was your most recent art experience? – The Columbus Arts Festival and the West
Cherry St. Project.

Charlotte Assor

Nature inspires me, her colors and patterns.

Fly with friend to all-inclusive beach resort in Mexico or other exotic place. Balcony
room with view onto ocean Great buffets with lots of fruit and other good stuff Play
tennis, do a zip-line, ride a horse on the beach and kayak on the water At night, stroll on
the beach

Went downtown with a friend for the Arts Festival but better was the reception
for Lino Tagliapietra’s glass exhibit at the Hawk Gallery.

Duncan Snyder

What inspires you? Food, Light, atmosphere, the Mundane.

Describe your perfect day? Seeing, Making, Moving, Eating, Connecting. This makes it
easier to have perfect days…

What was your most recent art experience? Besides making this new piece – visiting
the National Gallery with my Family. I love seeing our national treasures free to the
public and up close. Always inspirational to look at Rembrandt, Monet, Rothko, Pollock,
Bierstadt, Turner, etc. I’m also pleased UA is celebrating our local artists in our
community by giving them a venue; in a small way becoming our national gallery.



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