About Us

Our mission is to encourage and support a diverse and accessible arts environment to enrich our community through the promotions of cultural resources and experiences.

On March 13, 1972, the City Council of Upper Arlington established the Cultural Arts Commission-a group of volunteers armed with the mission of fostering and encouraging the “development of the arts in this community and the preservation of the community’s cultural heritage.” The Commission began its grassroots effort to enhance the community it served; forty years later the Commission has become an integral part of the community. Cultural Arts Commissioner volunteers help:

  • respond to the community through our cultural endeavors
  • plan the summer concerts and concourse gallery shows
  • person tables at events to raise awareness
  • engage the community through social media

Current Commissioners: Andy Laux,  Melissa Baldwin (Chair),  Patty Morey,  Kate Morris,  Karin Richard (Vice-chair),  Duncan Snyder,  Hal Stevens

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” ― Pablo Picasso

When I was a child, I spent a lot of happy hours singing along with the “Sound of Music” and imagining myself as Brigitta or pretending  I was Jane Banks in “Mary Poppins.”   Minimal vocal talent never stopped me, and I never lost the love for music that was instilled at that young age.  As Chair of the Upper Arlington Cultural Arts Commission, my personal goal is to help everyone find the child artist – no matter how old the child may be.  I challenge you to look at yourself as the artist that you are.  Art is not just a beautiful painting on the wall of the Wexner Center, or a moving orchestral work at the Ohio Theater.  Whether you are a great cook, a gardener, a photographer – or just enjoy making your home or office a more welcoming place through color – you are an artist!  So embrace your inner artist  – and come be a part of the art in UA.

Michele M. Hoyle
Former UA Cultural Arts Commissioner


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