It goes without saying that we are very proud of our annual Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival.  In 2018 we will celebrate 52 years of creativity in Upper Arlington.  Staff and volunteers work on the event all year long because art is not just for labor day.  In addition to the festival we also offer a variety of ways to engage in the arts including visual arts in our Concourse Gallery and performing arts in the summer concert series Music in the Parks.  In 2018 we’ll be celebrating our centennial in UA and all the artists we’ll feature throughout the year have a connection to Upper Arlington.  We’re excited to share other art opportunities with you throughout the year and we’ll be posting ideas for engaging in the arts on our UA Labor Day Arts Festival Facebook page.

Search for us on Facebook to follow us all year because art is not just for labor day.  If you find something new as a result…post a picture and use #notjustlaborday to inspire others to do the same.  



Muse Gallery: currents


The artists in this show, Christina Hall-Strauss, Lauren Mantecon and Kevin Keiser have all been influenced by the sea and their paintings and ceramic vessels reflect the influence of the misty landscape and the ocean in this current body of work.


Artful Weekend plans

I’m planning to take advantage of the nice weather while we have it and get out and about and explore art in cbus and beyond.  Join me this holiday weekend.


Central Ohio Glass Masters curated by Hal Stevens

reception October 8 2-4pm

Featuring the remarkable skill and talent of central Ohio studio glass artists.  You will find vessels and sculpture with brilliant, light-catching color and designs unique to the medium of glass.  Work by talented artists: Brian Bechner; Jeremy Burdge; Molly Jo Burke; Jennifer Dunlap; Bob Eickholt; Lee Hervey; William Ortman; Dan Schreiber; Trey Snowdon; Lawrence Tuber; Gayle VanMarter


Columbus Open Studio and Stage Tour Site

Join us for the Columbus Open Studio and Stage Tour on October 7 & 8 from 11am until 5pm. We are proud to be a Community Art Partner for this city-wide event again this year. Enjoy the exhibit in the Concourse Gallery, and you can also pick up a tour map and a catalog.  www.columbusopenstudioandstage.com

park. shuttle. bike. & #uarthere

2017LDAFlogo_4cZAPPDate: Monday, September 4, 2017
Place: Northam Park, 2070 Northam Rd., Upper Arlington 43221
Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Admission: Free

Directions to Labor Day Arts Festival Parking for Patrons


Driving in take OH- 315 to the Lane Avenue Exit.

Take West Lane Avenue towards Upper Arlington (away from The Ohio State University) past intersection of Kenny Road until the intersection of Northwest Blvd. and W. Lane Avenue.

Take a right onto Northwest Blvd. driving North until the intersection of Northwest Blvd. and Zollinger Rd. Turn Left onto Zollinger Rd going West until the intersection of Zollinger Rd and Tremont Rd. Turn Right onto Tremont Rd.

Shortly after the Kingsdale Shopping Center, on your right, is where you will find parking for the Labor Day Arts Festival. Turn right into parking lot, near Chase Bank. Park there and catch a shuttle from the Chase Bank Parking Lot for the day for the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival in Northam Park.

For further directions, refer to Mapquest.

Park and Ride the Free Shuttle
Festival visitors are encouraged to park at Kingsdale Shopping Center near the blue bricks building (formerly Macy’s) and take advantage of our free shuttle service on Tremont Road. Sponsored by National Church Residences.

Handicap and Permit Parking
The festival reserves the parking lot adjacent to Upper Arlington Public Library on Tremont Road for handicap and permit parking.

Yay Valet!: Ride and Park Your Bicycle for Free this Labor Day
This year the festival will feature a free valet bicycle parking service in the southeast area of the festival. Park bicycles at Yay Valet!, a free fenced bike corral on sturdy bike racks. Donations to UA Arts gratefully accepted.

Street Parking
There is also plenty of street parking surrounding the area.

meet the emerging artists at festival

September 4, 2017 marks the 51st time we have gathered and celebrated creativity at our City’s signature event; we welcome you to Upper Arlington to celebrate with us from 10-4pm in Northam Park.  Established to provide an opportunity for artists beginning their careers as festival artists, the Emerging Artists’ Program invites emerging artists interested in pursuing a career as a festival artist to apply, jury and exhibit their art for the first time as a festival artist exhibitor.

everlingJeannette Everling | Leather, Booth #46

I use both veg. tan leather as well as pre-dyed leather. The veg. tan leather is what I use to carve and tool the designs. I then either use leather dye or acrylic paint or sometimes a combination of the two. I hand cut, carve and tool all my work. When stitching I use a saddle stitch which I do by hand. On the pieces that call for it I both edge and burnish the edges of my work to give them a nice smooth edge. Every piece is slightly different even when using the same design due to the nature of leather and my hand carving and tooling I will never get anything exactly like anything else.

gordonScott Gordon | Wood, Booth #65

  1. Why street art? What makes you want to pARTicipate in Festivals?

Not having my own studio, street art is a perfect way to get exposure not only of my work, but to meet art advocates.

  1. What have you learned about festivals that you didn’t know before you began?

As an artist, doing the artwork is easy!  Selling the artwork is a different set of skills that will take many festivals to hone, and just like my art, will improve with time.

  1. What have you had to unlearn about festivals since you’ve began?

The biggest things I had to unlearn about festivals involves preparing pieces for the festivals.  When starting woodworking, the primary lessons one learns are of the craft and functionality – everything must fit together properly, woods can only be assembled certain ways for stability, angles must be exact, etc.  For example, not everything turned on the lathe is going to be symmetrical; you have to let the piece of wood tell you what needs to be done, not the tools.

  1. What’s next for you? In your career?  In your medium?

I have entered the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival as an emerging artist as this is my first year for participating in such high-caliber, juried shows.  I continue to look forward to receiving feedback from customers, both positive and negative, and using that for deciding what is next.

greulichPam Greulich | Wood, Booth #76

  1. Why street art? What makes you want to pARTicipate in Festivals?

Festivals are a great way to give back to the community you live in and love. Having lived in Central Ohio for over 25 years, I have always admired fine local artisan work and decided it was my time to devote the passion I love for woodworking.

  1. What have you learned about festivals that you didn’t know before you began?

The dedication, passion and communal feeling among all artisans has been so welcoming and humbling. Each festival I learn something new through those far more experienced than I am.

  1. What have you had to unlearn about festivals since you’ve began?

Festivals are far harder work than I ever expected! From planning your booth to preparing the right mix of craft, you can never overlook the fine details. No doubt, festivals take a lot of fortitude, a little luck and a lot of dedication to make each one a wild success.

  1. What’s next for you? In your career?  In your medium?

My focus has expanded to not only festivals and online sales via Etsy, but also targeting area businesses interested in local craft designs. I have enjoyed meeting so many tremendous people in my first year of the business. I am thankful each and every day that these area business men and women are giving me the hope and dream come true for Stix+Steel.

lockermanHillary Manalo Lockerman | Painting, Booth #26

I wanted to try pARTicipating at festivals because I felt like it was a wonderful way to get out there and connect to real people — not only with art lovers but with fellow artists. With so many technological advances in the world of communication, real human face-to-face connections are dwindling. It’s the human connection that is incredibly vital to our health and survival as a species. By sharing art, it help bridge us together with a deeper connection, from soul to soul.

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